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Strategic Options provides security management assistance in all parts of the world. The strength of our company lies in our ability to operate effectively in the international arena. Here are some examples of the types of services that we have provided to our clients:

In 1996, Oracle Corporation asked us to coordinate security for a high profile launch in St. Petersburg. The launch was a great success and so was our Russian experience.

Strategic Options has since formed alliances with a security firms in Moscow and St. Petersburg to assist us with our due diligence work throughout the Commonwealth of Independant States.

Our St. Petersburg based associates have had distinguished careers in the Intelligence Service of the U.S.S.R., working as First Deputies to Vladimir Putin, now President of the Russian Federation. Their accessibility to key government figures has been of invaluable assistance to our clients.

Strategic Options provided security assessments and surveys of bottling facilities in Brazil, Argentina, and Costa Rica. We designed the security components for new facilities and matched the technological enhancements with a plan for the strategic use of guard force personnel. Based on our survey recommendations, the franchise in Argentina asked us to provide them with a short list of candidates for the position of Security Director.

Strategic Options provided security and logistical assistance with high profile launches in Brazil and Argentina. Our personnel worked in conjunction with the public relations company during the advance preparations. We coordinated the security and transportation for the international staff and guests. Our motor pool consisted of over 20 vehicles with security trained drivers, plus armed protective details for the corporate officers and celebrities.

Strategic Options advanced the international travel of the company's CEO and other high level corporate officers to high-risk locations in South America, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia and the Philippines. We also assisted with the evacuation of company executives from Indonesia during the fall of the Suharto government.

Strategic Options designed a specialized training curriculum and provided the on-site instructions for 150 selected personnel from the UAE Armed Forces Special Operations Command. This three-month intensive program provided detailed instruction in such topics as marksmanship, defensive driving techniques, protective formations, intelligence, counter-surveillance, and first responder medical training.

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