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In today's world, the protection of key personnel is vital. Our firm operates effectively and diplomatically to protect corporate executives as they travel to international destinations. In conjunction with the discreet protection, our associates conduct travel advances and provide full logistical support. Local intelligence is evaluated to determine the executive's level of vulnerability. Among others, the associates of Strategic Options provided secure environments for the President of the United States, the Queen of England and the Pope.

High profile individuals, organizations, and companies are sometimes the targets of unsubstantiated threats. These threats can come from former employees, psychotic personalities, and terrorist groups. Often, the threats are anonymous. Members of our staff quickly respond to coordinate protective and investigative activities until the threat has been neutralized. Strategic Options has excellent resources to perform handwriting analysis, fingerprint analysis, audio and video tape analysis, as well as other forensic services.

Strategic Options provides customized training programs for both corporate and government clients. Each training curriculum is specially developed by our instructors, who are former agents of the U.S. Secret Service, to meet the exact learning needs of the client. Our personnel will provide instruction in any suitable training facility in the world. Many of our courses are exact replicas of the training that is provided at the U.S. Secret Service Training Academy.

Special events are difficult to secure, and proper advance planning is crucial to their success. Whether it is a new product launch, national political convention, shareholders meeting or Papal Mass for a quarter of a million people, we've done it - safely, efficiently, on-time and within budget. Associates of Strategic Options planned security for the Middle East Peace Accords, the Olympic Games and the National Political Conventions. All aspects of the logistical planning are addressed, including hotel and transportation requirements, coordination with local authorities and liason with host event planners.

Effectively compiling useful information requires professionals. Strategic Options specializes in discreet inquiries for due diligence, executive screening, industrial espionage, threats to corporate executives and other sensitive issues. Our expertise, coupled with an extensive list of international associates, allows us to provide expedient problem solving and effective solutions.

Strategic Options associates provided security design and troubleshooting for the United States Mint and the Federal Reserve Banks - not to mention The White House and Camp David. It was essential to these "clients" that the security be flawless. We offer the same level of expertise to our corporate clients, either in designing a new security plan or evaluating existing approaches. Strategic Options can provide conceptual reports, application recommendations, working drawings and equipment lists, RFP documentation, component procurement and on-site project management.

Most of our staff has qualified as experts in courts of law on such issues as premises liability, kidnaping prevention, security training, and threatening behavior. Strategic Options is availible to provide expert support throughout the litigation process.

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